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Bryan Kerchal

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So awesome! I remember that so well! Thank you for posting Swede! :tu
How was he's life ended. Look like he was a hero and very popular amongst the bass fans. Just curious. He looks like if he was a very humble person, one of a person's best qualities.
He was indeed very humble. He was also a very confident angler. A great guy all around!

His life ended in a plane wreck back in December of 1994. He was flying across North Carolina for some work he was doing for Wrangler (his prime sponsor) and the American Eagle commuter plane he was in had engine troubles and crashed. It was later found out that the plane he was in was tagged as troubled and was supposed to be grounded. Such a shame that such a great person lost their life because of someone else's ignorance. I sure do miss him.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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