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Browning reels??

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I was looking through the BPS catalog and saw some nice looking reels made by Browning. Are they worth the money? I liked the looks of both their spinning and baitcasters.
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That is a question I would also like to know the answer too... I don't know anyone who uses them. I'm looking for a new reel with a 7;1 ratio and I'm not impressed with the new cost of the Curado's at $199.00 each even though they are great, what happened to the $119.00??
7:1 ratio?? I don't think Browning offers that but then again I'm not to upset that their gear ratio is 6.2:1.

You are right though Shannon, the prices of reels are getting too high when all your changing is the gear ratio or something else minnor.
A new reel is nice and the more you pay usally the better the product, however i've  came to the conclusion that a mid grade reel wears out just as fast as a high end reel and its all about longevity for my buck. I had a diawa with the 7:1 and the drag on it was not that dependable and I found very few applications I liked to use it. Just my $0.02. Peace out. Drew
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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