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Dont know if anyone has heard but Bass Pro Shops is having there reel trade in sale this weekend and next week. Take an old working reel in and get pretty good discounts on any new reel. The trade in must be in working condition because they donate all the used reels to charitys. You can go in and buy a $6 zebco and trade it in and save $30 on a $100 reel well worth it and the used reel is goin to a good cause. Was just at bass pro today and the salesman told me to hold off on buying my new reel till this weekend for that reason.

Just FYI


They already had this sale a few weeks ago here in Florida. It is a good deal. I bought the BPS Pro Qualifier reel they had it on sale for $79.95. Excellent reel for the money.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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