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Allow nonboaters to bring boater guest? (rule modification)

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I want to brainstorm a little with you guys to see if we can as a group figure out a way to handle our boater/nonboater issue.

Right now for the Jordan tournament we have one open boat (mine), and three nonboaters looking for a ride: Danny, Brian, and Chad.

If Jim comes then that opens up another space, but I don't know if he is coming yet. If Mac comes I assume he will be bringing Omero. Either way, worst case I will have the only open boat and best case Jim comes and opens up another spot. But still we'll have another nonboater missing a tournament.

What we did at Wheeler, since Brian wanted to come but didn't have a ride; was gave him show up points (5 points) for the tournament. This still is pretty crappy that the club cannot guarantee a ride for all of its members. Personally I'm ashamed and embarrassed that I have led the club to this point. But, I hope you guys can stick it out through these growing pains. Danny informed me that he can sit this one out if need be; as vice president he wants to do what is best for the members of the club. I don't want anyone to set out tournaments but again, please give the club a little bit more time to work out issues.

For right now, what I would like to do is purpose a temporary modification to the rule book to help out the nonboaters. (please vote at the top to allow rule change) Current rules regarding guest state that they cannot bring their boats, however I would like to allow a nonboater to bring a boater guest until we get enough boaters into the club. If there are no objections, I would like to start this change immediately. I'm not even sure this would help any of our nonboaters right now but at least it may give them an option to allow us to get all our member's rides.

Now for the future, both Chad and Omero are planning on getting boats, so this would be a drastic change in our club and will guarantee rides for everyone. What seemed to go wrong was that we didn't plan on anything happening to our boaters. Mike has an issue right now with his boat and cannot take a rider until he fixes his rear deck. Also, James' deployment took out another one of our boaters. I would like to seriously take a look at the future of our boater/nonboater plan and suggest that at a 15 member cap we require 10 to be boaters with 5 nonboaters. This would allow enough boaters to always get our guest rides, and allow members to bring guest when they want.

After speaking with Danny on the phone we both had another idea. I realize we only have 13 members right now, but after fishing an 8 man tournament on Wheeler; I would like to purpose expanding our membership cap starting this Summer. If we open the club up to 20 members, with 14 boaters and 6 nonboaters we may be able to have some larger events and even pay out to 5th place.

This is a lot of info we can discuss at our next meeting but I wanted to get the ball rolling. I haven't heard any dates thrown around so I have a poll that will close May 7th in a separate post with two meeting times. One who gets the most votes will be the date/time of the meeting.
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