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Boat Blessing ?

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Now, im not trying to turn this into a religous thread.( so, lets not go there please )

My wife mentioned this to me ( boat blessing ) and I found it somewhat strange. ( She is Catholic and I am Southern Baptist )

She told me I need to get a priest and have my boat blessed. If I thought it would work I sure would of done it before hand. ;D
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I don't need somebody else to put in a word for me. I know where He is and I talk to Him all the time. Ask blessing for your own boat.
If I am right the Blessing of the fleet is an old tradition that was completed at the beginning of the fishing season and was always intended to bring the fishermen home safe and with a prosperous catch. It was never intended to bless the boat but its occupants, their safety, and their prosperity.

Fish4 I am a Souther Baptist as well and I always say a little internal prayer before each trip to ensure safety. So I encourage each of us to bless our fleet before we ever wet a line. A good time is while backing her into the water.

HSB, I agree we do have a direct line to our Lord, but with that comes responsibility to pray for others as well. I would incourage all of us to say a brief prayer for all Basholes each time we go fishing.

Sorry Fish4 if I got behind the pulpit too much
Thanks TCB!
OK, here goes...
I'm blessing your boat right now with a sailor I know called Capt. Morgan. I think he will take good care of you!
So you do the same and twist the cap and salute ole' CM!
Mary, thank you for the blessing and say Hi to the Captin for me, however being a guy who is Absolut in love with nature I perfer to watch the Gray Goose fly. If one should fall from the Skyy I would place it in the Ketel One cooking pot.

Take care
Clever, TCB. I'll just stick with my beer, thank yall very much. The plank road brewery seems to think your boat is pretty nice. I wouldn't ask blessing from a product, though.
Funny TCB...
Almost forgot about this thread, been awhile since I posted it.

The reason I posted it in the first place, is because that young guy hitting my boat as I was turning into a parking lot. Then of course my trailer wireing was wrong on my truck and would kill my truck when I had it in reverse.

Seems everything is good now < knocking on wood >
The Blessingas described by TampaCountryBoy is correct. As a Catholic I do believe we have a "direct line" to Jesus, but I'm not against asking others to pray with me. Baptist, Catholic, Evangilical, Pentacostal, it don't make no nevermind. We are related by blood, HIS BLOOD, it don't get no better than that.
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