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Blyton Ponds, England

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First thing i want to say is to Les, a huge thank you for the first leg of the week end mate, very much appreciated mate,

We arrived at Blyton ponds at around 1.30pm, off to get the keys to our cabin, get got then a very short stroll round to the cabin, on complaint to make,  :wacko: , it was like an oven in the relentless heat, but it was soon cooled down with windows left open, oh not forgetting a thank you to Angie for the use of a oscatlating fan 

Then it was time to have a look around, Scouse as ever had been there long before any of us had arrived, two days earlier i think LoL.

In attendance was,

Mark, Lesley, Emma
Ian, Karen (wife}
Me and Kath
And Daz visited us on Sunday 

It was great to see the old cronies again, and to meet new friends.

I decided to get my rod out on the second pond, feeder and maggot feeder, almost an immediate result, missed a bite on the first cast, :wacko:
But the fish did come to my hook.
Roach, Barbel, gold fish,dace.
Time to call a halt i heard someone shout about being fed and have liquid refreshment  :wink: Tackle away, showered and off to the local for a meal.
After the meal it was off for some merry banter and joke telling.

After enough of the liquid downed we all went back to the site.
Night cap, then bed, well for some of us it was, Mark, Lesley and Emma, Kath and myself all retired to our respective cabins to have a good nights sleep, a slighty drunken sleep LoL

Les and the other lads decided to have more of the amber liquid,, when Mark and myself walked rpound to the pond we saw the aftermath of the session , LoL, a nice tidy table with empty cans

On Sunday it was another early start, Mark was already pottering about when i popped my head around the curtain, a hot cuppa and a wash then off to the second pond.

I fished the waggler on this pond, pellets, meat, worm and maggots for hookbait.
Mark and myself had the adjoining pegs.
The other lads spread themselves around the ponds.
Mark was getting the better of the fish, nice bream, carp and super roach.
It was barbel and roach again for me, i WANTED a big slab,!!!
Ian was sitting to the right of us, as was Larry. I noticed Larry pulling fish in, and i also noticed Ian pulling fish in.
A little late i saw a fella chatting with Scouse!! it turned out to be my mate Daz, a welcome sight,

The sun was getting very hot as the ay progessed, to hot in fact, the fishing, for sme of us died the death, on the shaded side of the pond they did continue to catch fish.

Anyways thats enough of me gibbering on, picture time

View of pond one

Getting oxygen into the system

The two caravans on the waters edge, fall out and fall in

Mark playing his 8lb carp

Ians fine common

And a nice Tinca for Scouse

Ian and Karen on the peg

My barbel

My goldfish

Girlie chat, Karen, kneeling and Kath sitting say farewell

Daz captured playing a fish

New stock carp, i had a load of these

The lads chatting, mmmmm i wonder what about LoL

Night cap anyone, notice the flower in Lesleys hair, Karen decided to give the other three girls a flower each to break the ice, nice touch Karen

Kath outside our cabin

The morning after, hearty breakfast

John getting stuck into his grub, while Larry as ever had a huge grin on his face


I got a lot more picture but thats enough LoL.

Final thoughts about the meeting and Blyton Ponds

As ever a great get together with the lads, and this time wiht the girls of some of the respective members, Lesley, Emma and Karen, and not forgetting Kath.

Great company, great chatter,excelent atmosphere, not a cross word spoken, altho poor old Scouse did get locked out of the caravan and could not get showered, LoL, a few expletives did get bandied about.

Thanks to Ian for providing the food for the BBQ, very much appreciated mate, and very nice it was  :nice1:

Blyton Ponds.

Excelent place, everything you need within a 30 or so yard stroll, Great owners, Angie and Bob, hearty breakfast, two eggs, two sausages, two bacon, beans, tomatoes, and two rounds of toast.
Nothing was a bother to Angie and Bob, very happy to chat with you, gve you advice etc.they would even bring hot rolls, tea or coffee to your peg, GREAT TOUCH.

This was my first visit to Blyton Ponds, but i doubt very much it will be my/our last.

Another special thank you time,

Les had to spend the night in A&E on the Saturday night. Mark was going to drop Kath and myself off at home, BUT, unknowing to me, Daz had been calling Mark to let him know he was going to pop in for a spot of fishing, that was on the Friday night if i recall when Daz called, Mark never said a word,
So it was a great to see Daz on the bankside, it meant he could drop us off and save Mark the long hike. Your a star Daz.
However Les was out of A&E UNSCATHED,  :wink:

To me that is what you call FRIENDS, true FRIENDS, put themselves out for you for whatever reason, no ifs or buts, "friends" come and go, some can go to hell as far as i'm concerned, they soon show their true colours, out for what they can get,BUT true friends like the lads mentioned are a HARD THING TO COME BY in this day and age. I've met some right to$$ers thru fishing, total knob heads,nice to your face, then stab you in the back, BUT my true mates are always there. not just for me but the other lads also.I'm honoured to have them as friends. I will always be respectful of them

Thanks a million lads, Les is on the mend now, nice one Les.

If you want a good place to visit for a few days, good fishing, great hosts, with a couple of dcent bars within walking distance, go to  Blyton Ponds, . Onsite bait rooms and secure tackle shed lock up are also provided :nice1:  There's also lots of litter bins provided around the site, so there's no need to drop your litter or put it in your bag, :wink:  Blyton Ponds, thanks for having us Angie.
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Wonderful pictures and story as usual , Andy :victory:
Thanks Rodney mate :clap: :notworthy:
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