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Bionic Blade rods??

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What do yall think about the Bionic Blade rods? They look pretty good.
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Have not tried one in a few years, but they used to be a very solid rod and a good value
i have 2 of them and like them alot especially for the price if u watch they will go on sale 49.95 i think i got my last one for but they also run the deal buy one get one free works out about the same but still a great deal
I have a spinning rod and I love it. It is not my primary rod but it has never failed me.
Ive never used one, but have 2 of the Extreme rods.( BPS )

They have served me well, but a buddy of mine has broken 2 of them.
I have 2 bionic rods that I use for spinnerbaiting and like them very much. I also have an Extreme spinning rod with a Shimano Stradic reel which I purchased as a B.P. Combo . It is excellent. Last year I bought a Rick Clunn signature series combo and liked it so much I immediately bought another.I can say that I have never gone wrong with any of the BPS rods or baitcasters. If your do not have an unlimited budget,then BPS rods are an excellent choice and I for one will continue to purchase them.
Well, here comes the BAIT MONKEY!!!!!
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