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Bill M's Wacky Rigging Tool

So, you've been wacky rigging your senkos and running through dozens every trip out after the elusive lunker. Well relax and discover Bill M's Wacky Rigging Tool. It will not only save you on senkos but help you consistently find the right spot to o-ring and hook your bait. Besides saving wear and tear on your senkos you'll have less mess with scented baits.
Fisherman Bill Minaeff claims to know how many ribbed ridges are in a Senko! He has been fishing the Senko and other stick baits for years. During this time, he discovered the value of the wacky rig. He also knows that a couple good hits can ruin a worm.
As an experienced machinist, Bill has developed his
"O-ringing" tool to:
1. Let you place your worm to the right depth in the tool.
2. Easily slide a ring on.
3. And finally just place your hook of choice between the worm and the o-ring and YOU'RE FISHING!

The Bill M's Wacky Rigging Tool comes in 2 sizes standard and laege for the bigger stick baits

Our Kit came with:
1 Bill M's Wacky Rigging Tool
1 pack of O- Rings (O-Rings can be re ordered)

The wacky Rig is a common use for any stick bait
It catches fish; the issue with it is the baits do not last long as you are penetrating them with a hook
The Bill M's Wacky Rigging Tool solves this issue as you slide your hook under an O-ring so you do not pierce or damage the bait at all.
The Bill M's Wacky Rigging Tool is Made of Marine Grade Brass to resist corrosion for a long time, and the Adjuster is made of stainless steel so it will not rust..
So how do you use The Bill M's Wacky Rigging Tool?

Simply slide a few O-Rings onto the tool from the small end.

Bend your bait in half and find the center mark.
Holding this center mark slide the stick bait into the tool and adjust the stainless steel adjustment tool until you have your mark lined up.

Slide an O-Ring off of the Bill M's Wacky Rigging Tool onto your bait.

Remove the stick bait and slide a hook under the O-Ring only.

You are now ready to give better action to your wacky rigged stick bait Presentation, and also save on stick baits as they will not tear as easily.

The Bill M's Wacky Rigging Tool is a quality built item and will last for many years..

This is a great product if you fish wacky Rig Baits.

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