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Big thanks to BigTex!

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Tex had said that he would send me a chatterbait, and after some waiting from the USPS (seems that's about the only thing that they are good for anymore), I finally got the chatterbait, a WEEK after he sent it. Just to let you know why I considered this a long time.........the stuff from CastAway was sent, and I got it 2 days later.

At any rate, I got it last Thursday and being the "little kid" that I was, getting a new toy.........I just had to try it out. ;D

It was like 96* outside, humidity was in the 80% was flat miserable. We did have, however, a decent little breeze coming out of the NW, which was giving a little chop to the water.

I fished the chatterbait around the bridge, and immediately realized why so many anglers were so gung-ho about this lure. It's incredible. However, I didn't catch any fish on it there, and I fished it around my fav. spot on Sloppy Floyd, which is around the stumps in that little cove, and still didn't catch anything. I did have a good bass, around 3 lbs., follow it from a stump though.

I did manage to get 2 bass, both 12" long, off a jig. There were two ladies in a boat, one was a mother and I am guessing the other was the daughter, that were watching me.

I had to pick a professional override out of my Curado............I honestly hate having that 15 lbs. bridge cable on it, but I picked it out, reeled up the excess line, and as soon as I got to where the line was tight, a fish was already on. I set the hook, much to the delight or dismay of the two women. ;D

So, I give BigTex some props for giving the chatterbait to me, and I hope to get up to Dick's in Chattanooga to get some more. :D
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I'm glad you like the bait and I'm glad it finally got there. LOL Just stay with it and it will pay off.

Might I suggest that if I was you I would go out and buy just the blades and split rings only and put them on your favorite jigs. That is what I did and I have had better luck with that than the original chatterbaits. I put them on a smaller weighted jig as well. Make sure the eye of the jig is like that of the original chatterbait so the blades you buy will work properly.

Another trick that I have picked up is I will 9 times out of 10 paint the blade black and will either leave it like that or I will add YELLOW, RED, WHITE OR PINK dots on it

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I have a couple of folks up here that make their own. I am going to see if they make theirs with a weed guard. As much as I use jigs, I know that if I tried to flip the one that you sent into a mess of brush, that I would either break it off, or have to go chase after it.

I honestly thing that having that blade up there will really get some fish mad, especially when you put that shimmy in front of their noses.

I am hoping to get out and test it on the Rocky Mountain PFA soon. I have a friend that said that we would hit it. He doesn't bass fish, but he said that he would go for crappies, and I could do my bass thing. There are some edges around the timber that the chatterbait would excel on, and there are a couple of rock humps and points that I wanna fish it around.
That sounds great.

In those pictures that I posted, there is a weedguard on it and it has saved my lure on more than one occasion. LOL
That was very nice of you BigTex! I'd shake your hand if I could! ;) :D
I had tried to reply to this when I was having problems posting on here.

I have a few of the Gamblers that I been fishing with , BUT I finaly got 2 of the original ChatterBaits. Havent tried them out yet though.

I think the weed guard may be a good idea, cause we know these things arent to ' weed ' friendly .
That's the truth! They aren't too rock friendly or wood friendly either. I was fishing it around a rock pile the other day, and had I not been smart enough not to set the hook, I would have lost mine. I walked to where it was hung up, and jerked hard the way it had came into the rocks, and it came free. 8)
Its cool you got to set the hook in front of people. I love when that happends, you just need to look professional though, which I usually pull a Ike. I got a 4 pounder off a stump outside a beach the other week, there was like 50 people there, it was the coolest moment I had on that lake in a while lol.
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