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Big Bass Lures??

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"The Top Five Big Bass Lures". What are your top five?

These are mine, in order:

1.) Zoom Baby Brush Hog
2.) Strike King blk/blu jig
3.) H&H spinner
4.) Zoom lizards
5.) Senkos- I just started using these this year and so far I have had pretty good luck.
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My list changes by seasons and water clarity, but today it was:

1. Heddon Zara Spook 3/4 oz (mornings)
2. Unknown brand spinnerbait 1 oz search bait with Zoom Fluke trailer (no skirt)
3. Diamond Shad 3/4 oz (mid day)
4. Bomber Long A jointed (late PM)
5. Boy Howdie (evenings)

1. T-rigged Norie's Bug (red/black)
2. Black/blue Strike King Pro Model Jig
3. Hand-poured Fluke (pearl white with silver tinsel and silver glitter)
4. 1/2 oz. Retriever Lures spinnerbait (white)
5. T-rigged 4" Zoom Finesse Worm (icicle and chartreuse pumpkin)
1. Zara Spook
2. Jig and Pig
3. Buzzbait
4. Soft Jerkbait
5. Rat-L-Trap

I didnt include color and brand because that changes from lake to lake, time to time, mood to mood for me.
My biggest has come off a Senko

A guy in my club ( Scott ) took big bass honors of the year useing a senko.. over 9 lbs.

At our classic, Matt got his 9 + pounder off a Zoom super hog

All came off of Junebug color.
Top Five lure as far as I'm concerned (at least in Connecticut) :

1.) Rapala 4" - 6" countdown minnows (anytime of year)

2.) Small Heddon jitterbug or Hula popper(summer, early morning, and dusk)

3.) any brand rattle trap type lure (anytime of year, any time of day)

4.) Sizmic sassy toad (summer, any time of day)

5.) Tiki , Zoom or Gary Yamamoto lizrards and worms (I use these all season long, any time of year)
(Not necesarily in order)
-Sizmic Toads (New propwash toad is gonna be insane)
-Creature Baits (Norie's bug, B-bug, brush hog)
-Jerkbaits (soft, and hard)
-Crankbaits (Timber tigers, fat raps)
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