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BFL Gator Div. 3/17/07

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First off sorry I haven't posted results or been on the boards lately but I have been absolutley swamped and also the boss has been sitting behind me for about a week now making it difficult to be on the forums.
We went to the Kissimmee Chain for our third BFL last week. We practiced Thursday and Friday doing fairly well with 7-8 lbs. both days, shaking off some nice fish, and not casting back to the ones that blew up on our baits. We were getting them on rattle traps and hard jerkbaits in the boat trails thru the grass, toads and trick worms in the grass. Saturday the weather did its usual turn around with high winds outta the North and 15 degree drop in temp. My partner and I stayed in Kissimme up in North Cove and down near the Rt. 60 bridge fishing dollar pads and hydrilla in North Cove and pads near Rt. 60. We were throwing trick worms, flukes, flippin and pitchin speed craws/creature baits, and tried baby minus cranks / rattle traps. I ended up with only two fish out of five bites I had all day, they weighed in at 2-05 lbs. caught on the blackberry speed craw pitchin to isolated pads near 60 on nearly back to back casts around 11:00. My partner got a limit of small fish on the trick worm and flukes in watermelon I think, he only had 8 lbs.
Only 17 lbs won the boater side and 14 lbs. won the co-angler side.
I finished 80th out of 180 and luckily only dropped five spots in points.
It was pretty miserable out there all day, not to mention my little mishap in the morning, I bent down to my tackle bag and the whole rear of my shorts ripped :wack:, talk about air conditioning on a day I didn't need it!! Then I tied my jacket around my waist to go up on stage for weigh-in since my buddy was in a different flight and my clothes were in his truck.

Sunday I went to a pond in Titusville for 2 hours and caught two fish about 2 lbs. each, better than the two I had in the tournament of course. Caught them on a black / blue senko.

On another note one of my buddies finished 13th in the Gambler Open on Kissimmee on Sunday, I believe they ran up to Toho, I haven't got the scoop yet.
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Sheesh Shannon, as skinny as you are, there must of been a defect in them shorts lol.
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