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Bettencourt Baits Bluegill hard bait

In this review we will take a look at the
Bettencourt Baits bluegill Hard bait sinking model

I contacted Nathan and after a few emails my bluegill series bait arrived.

I was astonished to see the likeness and detail of this bait.

It weighed about 2 ounces so some heavy gear was in effect.

I rigged it on my 2IG-Xtreme heavy fast pole with 30# powerpro and to the
lake we went

I could not get over the looks of this bait and when it hit the water I was
more astonished.
The action was supreme of this hard bait, the bait seemed to come alive as
soon as it hit the water.

I worked this bait over weed beds and around Lilly pads and soon enough I had
a nice bass.

If you can remember last year in bassmaster magazine they had an article of
how bass eat bluegill well they also eat Bettencourt Baits Real Fish series

Give one of these baits a try and I am sure you will be pleased

Rating thumbs up

Dave White
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