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We have some friends on there way over to our house for a day visit. So, we have desided to run to one of my favorite places to eat... SONNYS BBQ !!!!

mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm

I know yall dont have them in the north, and I think Louisianna is as far west as they go... Im sure there are some sorry Sonnys but the one near us is GREAT !!

Heres a link to Sonnys
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I love BBQ! But ya know, BBQ means different things in different areas of the country? I never knew that.

Up north, in CT and NY atleast, BBQ means throw some burgers, hot dogs or chicken pieces on the grill. Down here, in SC, BBQ means pulling all the meat from a pit cooked hawg and serving it up with coleslaw and rice. Both the pork and the rice are usually hot enough to make your forehead sweat and your eyes water.

When I first move to SC, I had no idea that was the definition of BBQ when I was offered to buy a plate of it from a church fund raiser, while at work one day. I dug into the pork and it was HOT!!! So I saw that nice cool looking white rice sitting there and immediately shoved a forkfull of rice in my mouth expecting it would give me some relief from the blistering hot pork. HA! The rice was almost hotter than the pork! lol
It took me 3 pepsis to finish that meal lol
Our friends from up north actualy live 6 months here and 6 months in RI . And they will point out right quick they cant get good BBQ up there in RI or southern Mass.

I love our Sonnys , they treat ya right !! I always get the all you can eat ribs, and they make sure I get a doggy bag to take home with me hehe.

Jared, I havent ran into your ' cajun ' BBQ , must be a SC thing huh lol.

About the only thing ' different ' I run into is, some places want to use vinegar on the meat.
Yeah vinegar based BBQ sauces are a Carolina thing from what I have read and seen on tv. If it's red or orange and spicey it's South Carolina and if it's yellowish due to mustard in the bbq sauce it's a North Carolina thing. Personally I don't care much for North Carolina mustard based type.
I dont care for the mustard one either, Jared..

There is this BBQ place in the ' black ' section of town ( yes Im from a small southern town lol ) and they use a vinegar based marinade for there ribs and chicken. Its not in their sauce but in the meat itself.. I get some ribs from there from time to time, but for my moneys worth I go to Sonnys for the all you can eat ribs lol.

I know my brother n law will BBQ with a spray bottle mixed with vinegar and water ( 50 - 50 mix ).. says it tenderizes the meat.( its not as strong as the BBQ place though )
My grandfather use to pour in wisky into his special mixture. I don't know how much but he said that it would tenderize the meat pretty quickly. Has anybody heard of this??
No I havent, but I bet it would be good.. mmmmmm
Great, now all of us are going to the spirits store and will be getting wasted while BBQing. LOL

Personally, the best BBQ I have tasted comes from Armstrong's in Summerville, Georgia. We have relatives from Louisiana that come up here and will buy 20 lbs. of the meat and 10 gallons of the sauce, which is quite spicy, and will take it home. It's both pulled pork and pulled beef, from the bone, after it's been smoked to the point that it cries cause it's so happy. Gotta love Emeril. LOL

Down here, when we put something on the grill, we call it grillin'. LOL Plain and simple. Don't wanna get anyone confused. ;D

I like some of the mustard based BBQs, but mostly do a straight brine, rub, or sauce.
Although I respect all y'all opinions and taste buds, there is no better than "piggy park" aka Bessingers BBQ. Family owned (Maurice's and Thomas Bessinger) the best BBW and onion rings found anywhere. Ya should give it a try

Copied - "In South Carolina, the Bessinger clan has a firm grasp on the barbecue industry, and Bessinger's Barbecue on Savannah Highway makes it the best of them all.

Mustard-based barbecue isn't for everyone, but the way that the meat simmers in the sauce makes it tender and juicy, not dry as many other places, and it's chopped just right. Make sure you get some onion rings too. You've never had anything like them".
Every time I get into North carolina, I just gotta get some Smithfield's BBQ. It is pork BBQ with a vinegar base sauce. That is what I call Carolina barbeque, and I was born and raised on the coast of NC. The ultimate, if it is still there, is Roz's Bar-B-Q in Kenly, NC. They had (last time I was there) a whole pig on the buffet, fried chicken, GOOD greens, just the best home cookin you could want. They also use a vinegar base sauce. I don't know a whole lot about a mustard base, vinegar base is where it's at in eastern NC. If you want mustard, get the tater salad. I'd better stop writing about it before I start driving that way and miss work tomorrow.
Re: Winter Haven BBQ

Up here in Virginia we have that darn north carolina bbq :mad: and tomato based ones as well. I NEED ;D BBQ when I go down to spring training in march. Any good BBQ spots in Winter Haven, FL?

David 8)
Try Woodys in Winter Haven
I think I may have seen that down the road from Cypress Gardens last year, but was being built? Definitely will give em a try this year! Thanks!

Ive eaten their 2 or 3 times, BUT cant recall exactly where it is in Winter Haven. ( was a passenger and in the back seat, so wasnt paying attention )

So, you must be an Indians fan ( where they spring train at )
Yah I'm a Indians fan :-[ darn poopers are moving to Arizona for spring training in a couple of years. Last year was my first time going and I was overwhelmed, but this year will be different! I wasn't prepared for hundreds of ball players. Bringing fishing gear this year! I hear there is some good fishing to be done in Florida... 8)

BBQ to me is a dry rub and a good sauce on the side--Memphis style. There is nothin' I love better than throwin' a pile of ribs on the smoker, jumpin in the pool, consuming a cool one or two and lettin' the hickory do its thing!! :cheers: Well, maybe catchin a great ole bigen' is better, but it is a close call. Fishin' and eatin' are by far my two most favorite things!!(there is one other but I won't get into that) :rofl2:
Winter Haven Chain of Lakes is pretty good. I placed 4th there last year in my club tournament .

I go to Disney and watch the Braves play.
For those of you in St. Louie try Bandanas, award winng "q". In Rochester NY try Sticky Lips, ribs pulled pork briskit, catfish, greenfried maters, & a cold one to wash it down. Now I'm hungry! :D :D If all else fails you could try my backyard, I DO know the difference beteewn grillin' & BBQ thank you very much. :neener: :neener:
Um um! Stomach is thunderin.

I need to do some ribs. We season them up with rosemary and fennel seed and lay out on a table overnight to tenderize, cook the next day.Thick lean ribs need two nights. Just keep da flies off. Don't need them little crawly things on the meat. Low heat, lots of smoke. Meat melts off the bones, so pop it in yer mouth quick or the dog'll get it. Then suck the marrow out of the bone.

Try marinadeing ribs in a mix of apple cider vineger & hot sauce, equal amounts. The ribs should stay soaking for about 3 to 5 hours. I use a gas grill with a smoker & wood chips, very low heat for several hours. Serve with grilled vegies & a Killian's Red & your good to go.
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