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Bassmasters Weekender Tournament-Lake Dardanelle

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A Bassmasters Weekender Tournament was held here on Sunday, March 18th. The winning weight was 21.95 pounds. Not bad for 5 fish on a one day tourney. Up next is the college tournament this weekend with college bassers comming in from Texas A&M, Baylor, Kansas, and others as well as most of the Arkansas colleges. This was a hugh success last year and should be a great event this year too. Anyone living close may want to check it out and attend the weigh-ins. AND THEN--the following week, our own Mary Dean takes the stage along with all the others in the WBT. GO MARY :dance01: GO MARY :dance01: :dance01: :jitterbug: :jitterbug:
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Thanks OTTER!
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