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I'm planning to spend a lot more time here if the discussions turn more toward fishing topics. I had over 800 posts over there, mostly bass-oriented, answering questions of the large number of new anglers wanting to learn "how to". They wiped all of that out in August without warning, with no chance to copy what amounted to a book on bass fishing. My post count there is now about 35 after a second purging in October. The INSIDER board is where most of the fishing talk happens, while the old board contains mostly chit chat. Apparently BASS is trying to make a chat board out of what was a fine club, considering all posts of little value, regularly dumped. If we can somehow get mostly fishing talk going here I believe we can get some of those folks to come here. What stimulates fishing talk the most is questions that get answers. We'd all enjoy doing that, I hope. I certainly did over there. I've taken a hard hit over loss of a lot of hard work, and having a hard time deciding how much time to spend in the future on any board. That was a huge investment of time I could have been fishing or doing lots of other things. But when I see people wanting to become better anglers stacking up with questions, I can't resist answering.

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After watching those boards for awhile I am hoping that not many of them come here I could care less about there political or religious views. I am sure there are plenty of forums for that. Sorry to hear all that you lost
Well, being the owner, the person who pays the bills and the person who does all the website and forum maintenance and design here, I PROMISE to you and every member we have now and will ever have, this board will NEVER BE PURGED. Ten years from now, posts that were made today will still be on this board, even if i have to pay for more hard drive space though with the enormous amount of space we have now (2 terabytes) I doubt that will ever be the case. :clap:

My intentions for this board are to have it be a vast database of bass fishing knowledge that both new and veteran anglers can come too and search for answers to their dilemas. We are definitely on our way already :)
Jim (Arkie)..I came to this board because of you. I didn't post but a few times on both bass boards, but was a very interested reader of you, ty and other experienced fishermen's great tips. Hope this board will stay toward the fishing side of posts.
hoggerdogger said:
Hope this board will stay toward the fishing side of posts.
I definitely didnt invest all the time and money I have on this site to have it turn into a soap opera   :badcomp01: LOL ;)

I can guarantee you that this board will always focus on fishing!    :cheers:
Hogger, I appreciate that. Keeping this board on topic (fishing) is, like Jared and all who jumped in to make this the best fishing site, my. I had high hopes over there, and BASS even gave me an extra paid year on INSIDER hoping I'd stay, but that's too little too late. But here we have dedicated moderators with high goals, mostly promoting bass fishing, which should be the first goal of bass professional and weekend angler alike. There's so much to discuss about our sport. There's enough experience and knowledge on hand here it needs to be the first place to ask questions or offer tips and articles. So help us out, get involved, pass the word about this place.

Welcome aboard.

Hey, Ouachita(hope I spelled it right). Think it was you told me about this place. Thanks 4 the info on spots. :-* :D Glad 2 be on a page about fishing, not which tour is better.
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