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Bassholes News?

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I have a question for everyone. The news at the top of the forum mainpage... is the text clear to read? Or is it kind of blurry looking?
At home on my desktop and my laptop the text is bold and very clear to read. However I arrived at work this morning and checked out the page and its hard to read. Im not sure if its just this PC here at work or not. Can everyone let me know what they see please?
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It looks okay on mine Jared.
Fine and dandy!
Ok, Mine is kinda funky looking... Somewhat scratchy and blurry.
Hard to read for me Jared :eek:, a blurred text
thats exactly what I am getting here at work too Andy. Hmmm gotta figure that out soon.
Mine is fine. It only gets fuzzy when the screen changes from one slide to another. Other than that it is good.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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