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Re: BASS Memorial Major - Eagle Mountain Lake: Day #1

1. Dave Wolak
2. Mike McClelland
3. Kelly Jordan
4. Scott Rook
5. Skeet Reese
6. Matt Reed
7. Lee Bailey
8. Charlie Hartley
9. Randy Howell
10. Mike Wurm
10. Zell Rowland

Michael Iaconelli is sitting in 20th, Ish Monroe is sitting in 21st, Denny Brauer is sitting in 24th, Shaw Grigsby is in 25th, Gerald Swindle is tied for 43rd, Aaron Martens is tied for 45th, and Kevin VanDam is sitting in 50th.

For full coverage and standings, click:

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Sorry that I did not update the standings from yesterday this morning. I had company this afternoon, and I did not get the chance to get on the computer.

Here are your Super 6 for the final day on Eagle Mountain Lake:

1. Peter Thliveros
2. Mark Menedez
3. Michael Iaconelli
4. Skeet Reese
5. Greg Hackney
6. Edwin Evers

For those of you all who wanted to know who fished on Day #2, here ya go:
*Note* The Top 6 are listed above, these are the bottom 6 that did not make the cut to Day #3.

7. Mike McClelland
8. Todd Faircloth
9. Dave Wolak
10. Randy Howell
11. John Crews
12. Matt Reed

For complete standings, click on:

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Re: BASS Memorial Major - Eagle Mountain Lake Final Day

As you all might have seen, Peter Thliveros won the Memorial BASS Major Event in Texas.

Here are the final 6:

1. Peter Thliveros
2. Michael Iaconelli
3. Edwin Evers
4. Mark Menedez
5. Skeet Reese
6. Greg Hackney

For all the weights and information, click:

Also of note, this tournament saw the top 2 finishers, Peter T. and Ike, soar past the $1 million mark.

Congrats to both for this feat, and congrats to Peter T. for winning the inaugural BASS Memorial and taking home the $250,000 grand prize.

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Yup, it was about that way when my family went down to Groves, Texas. The storms that would come up off the Gulf were incredible. Each afternoon, they would issue at least one Tornado Warning. The heat and humidity were unreal.

Georgia gets about the same way in the summer. ;D
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