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Bass location......the best spot??

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If you were fishing in a lake that had a mixture of grass, rocks/gravel, stumps, lily pads, or lay down/ submerged trees and bushes then which one of those types of places do you think will hold the most bass? The biggest bass?
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Down here in Fl. lily pads are a surfire for bass, but grass is right up there with it. I try to look for something "odd" like a dropoff in a patch off cypress trees, or a gravel bed around some lily pads. Depending on time of year an water temperature all of those you listed can be productive, thats what im trying to learn right now. Put me in grass, trees or stumps im ok but trying to learn new strucure and cover is mind boggeling at times. Dave
That is one thing i have very little experience in is rivers. Reading about what to do is totally different than actually fishing it, but rest assure as soon as i can plan a trip to fish an actual river ill be getting some pointers! Dave
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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