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Well, after the Classic and 3 tournament stops, the race for the BASS AOY is just starting. With 8 more Elite Tournaments, and 3 Majors, anyone could come out on top.

Here is the top 10, as of 04/17/2006:

1. Greg Hackney
2. Dean Rojas
3. John Crews
4. Terry Scroggins
5. Michael Iaconelli
6. Steve Kennedy
7. Takahiro Omori
8. Kelly Jordan
9. Ish Monroe
9. Skeet Reese

The G-Man (Swindle) is #11, Aaron Martens is #12, Preston Clark is #13, and KVD is #34.

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The actual points lost from the DQ did, but with the additions of more tournaments, I am sure that he can make up ground. I am sure that the DQ hardened his resolve, and that he will be more focused for the rest of the season.

I just hope that Ish doesn't slip any, and that he can keep placing in the Top 10, or even the Top 5, or ever better, win more tournaments. ;D

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Only problem is, I believe we have seen the last of the site fishing tournaments for this season. Now comes the tougher tournaments when they will actually have to fish for the fish. We are going to start seeing a change on the leaderboard and in the AOY race.
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