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For the months of May and June only 1 largemouth bass can be brought to weight-in per person at Banks Lake.

The fish must be caught by that angler so NO sharing in team tourneys!

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I fish team tournaments on Banks Lake and it's 1 LM 17 inches and over per angler for a total of two per boat.
There is a reason for this. The LM population on Banks has been in decline for the past few years and it is also during the spawn. So this rule is to protect the spawners and increase the population, and it is working. We all know that Banks is a great smallmouth lake, I was there in early June 2010 a caught more LM than SM. My wife and I caught over 60 LM in four days and most were in the 2 to3 # class. Yes the rule sucks during a tournament but it is working and working well.
Now lets see how the fishing is going to be in 2012 after the 30 foot draw down starting in Aug 2011.
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