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B.A.S.S. Classic in AL

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Who are you all pulling for in the Classic? I am pulling for John Crews (Virginia guy)


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I'm pullin for Ike. Us BassCat guys gotta stick togeather! 8)
I've gotta send my love out to KVD. Michigan men have to stick together.
I really think it's Aaron Marten's year. Spotted bass + cold water = finesse fishing. Who's better than him at that? Also, nobody deserves a win more after all the times he's been second. My favorite pro is KVD, but I wanna see Aaron get this one.
I wouldn't mind seeing Martens get the win either, he's also a really nice guy. He took time out after a seminar to talk to me and my buddy for about 20 minutes on drop shotting a few years back. KVD's been using his "Shakey head rig" for over 20 years. I fish a lot of the lakes he started out on, and up here in MI, that rig is a go to when the bites are tough. Seeing either of those two win be nice. Ish is another guy I wouldn't mind see win, but it doesn't look good for his strenghts this year.
There's way to many to just like one! Ike,Aaron,Tak,G,KVD. Aaron is who I really want to see win he is so deserving of it because he's been second so many times.
How about Klein? If there is any shallow grass, he's another sleeper who deserves it. But I'll stick with my original pick.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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