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It's summer time and that means big lazy bass are eating lots of sunfish, such as bluegills and pumpkinseed. I've been having amazing success fishing baby bluegill shape and colored soft plastic. However, that method is slow and tedious. Sometimes I wish for a faster way to fish the same bluegill pattern. Well Mattlures has the answer!

[smg id=4084]

Check out this bait - The Mattlures U2 Bluegill! It comes with a paddle tail or a flat tail and at only 4" weighing in at 1oz this bait can be used anywhere in the country!

Check them out Here on Tackle Warehouse (Click Here)

the TW color is a Tackle Warehouse exclusive. That's the color pictured above and i believe that's the color I am going to get.

[smg id=4085]
The sinkers will sit upright on the bottom on their own.
If a bass knocks them over, they will sit back up.
The floater sits right at the surface just waiting to get blasted!

I am definitely going to grab one of these babies!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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