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Auto, Boat or Homeowners Insurance: Where Does the Boat Trailer Fit In?

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Auto, Boat or Homeowners Insurance: Where Does the Boat Trailer Fit In?

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - It's clear what auto, boat or homeowners insurance policies are for. However, which insurance policy insures your boat trailer? The answer is it depends on how and what type of damage occurred, says Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS).

"If a boat trailer is damaged in an accident on the road, it's the separate trailer coverage provided by your boat's insurance policy that pays for repairs or replacement," said BoatUS Vice President of Marine Underwriting Mike Pellerin. "But if your boat trailer damages others' property or leads to injuries when it is connected to your tow vehicle, it's your auto insurance policy's liability coverage that would pay for damages to other vehicles, property or any medical claims."

"The same goes if you accidentally back your rig into your neighbor's stone wall," continued Pellerin. "Your boat's trailer repairs would be provided for by the trailer coverage in your boat's insurance policy, while repairs to the neighbor's wall would go under the auto policy's liability coverage."

What happens if a tree falls on your unloaded trailer while it is parked in your driveway? There are two possible answers here: it could be the trailer coverage in your boat's insurance policy that will compensate you, or you may also be able to make a claim on your homeowner's policy. If a trailer is damaged or stolen when stored at a marina or other storage location, the trailer coverage in the boat's insurance policy will compensate you.

Here are five insurance buying tips for trailer boaters:

Not all boat insurance policies automatically provide boat trailer coverage. When shopping for boat insurance be sure to ask this question, and also find out if there are geographic limits on where you may trailer the boat.

If you do decide to add trailer coverage to your boat's insurance policy, ensure that your insurer knows the cost of the boat and trailer separately. If you don't separate these two, they may have difficulty in fairly compensating you for a claim.

Ensure your vehicle's insurance policy includes liability coverage for any damage to others' property that you cause while trailering your boat.

Ask your homeowner's insurance company if your trailer is covered when stored at home.

If you store your boat trailer at your marina or other storage facility, be sure to read the fine print in your contract as it relates to insurance. Many include language that holds these facilities "harmless."

For more information on boat insurance, or to get a free quote online, go to or call 800-283-2883.


About BoatUS:

BoatUS - Boat Owners Association of The United States - is the nation's leading advocate for recreational boaters providing over half a million members with government representation, programs and money-saving services such as boat insurance and on-the-road assistance through the BoatUS Trailering Club. The Club offers roadside help for both disabled boat trailers and tow vehicles through over 18,000 roadside service providers across North America for just $38 annually. For membership information, visit or call 800-395-2628.

Media Contact
D. Scott Croft, 703-461-2864, [email protected]
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Thanks Matt. I think I need to check on my policy and see what I have on my trailer. :thumbup01: :thumbup01:
Excellent points!

When I got the policy for our new boat (through State Farm) - my agent and I went over every aspect of the boat.. the boat, trailer, motor, and rods/reels/electronics - are all listed (and insured) separately..
And please remember, if you have any questions about boat insurance, there is no better person to ask than Bob Luellen from World Wide Marine. Bob is not just an insurance underwriter but he is a bass tournament angler. He is a 20-year insurance veteran with over 25 years of knowledge in the marine industry. He is the founder of Worldwide Marine Underwriters Inc. Bob will answer any questions you have without trying to sell you a thing, though it would be to your extreme benefit to let Bob write you an insurance policy.

You can contact Bob at or give him a call 800-339-1235
Call Worldwide Marine they specialize in all things boating they can answer any questions
Worldwide Marine Underwriters, Inc. at (517) 627-8080 today!
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