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Bass fishing is barely fair and it is hot mid day on all area lakes. Heat warnings are being posted all over the southern states. Night fishing might not be a bad idea with a DD22 June bug crank bait. Bass continue to hold in their summertime patterns and fishing deep or near deep water is best. There are three different patterns that seem to continue working. Try a Carolina rigged worm fishing the deeper end of long points or under water islands. Use Sufix Elite 12 pound test line as the main line with 18 to 24 inches of 10 pound leader line. Watch the Lowrance before starting to fish the area watching and look for bait fish. Find the baitfish and spend time fishing there. With the heat, fish baits slow and be a line watcher. Next on these same points, use a Norman Deep Diver 22 in the glimmer shad. Use 10 pound Sufix Siege line and when you cast the bait, reel fast for the first 4 to 5 turns with your rod tip touching the top of the water. This will help get the bait down to the bottom. Bump the bait on bump the bottom as best you can all the way back to the boat. Lastly, try flipping under docks that are near deep water with a Zoom U tail in the red shad color and a light 3/8 ounce pegged sinker. Work the docks slowly and get baits as far under tem as possible.
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