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As a Basshole Member, We Value Your Input

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Last night our 112th member signed up for The Bassholes Forums! :) It's great to see our member base rising and hopefully one day we will break the 1000th member mark.
However with 112 members now, I notice that only about a dozen members post with any regularity, if at all. I would like your opinions and input on how to get more of you, our members, to post. Is there something about The Bassholes forums that you dislike? Is there some way we can make it better for you?
The whole purpose of The Bassholes Forums is to bring like minded folks, like all of us, together for the purpose of discussing our passion: bass fishing. If there is something that you feel would make our forums a more comfortable atmosphere for you to come to, kick back, relax and enjoy posting and discussing our beloved sport, I'd really love to hear it. As a member, you are the backbone of The Bassholes, and therefore your opinion is #1 and highly valued.

Thank You All.

Good Fishin' Jared
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I think your site is awsome. It will get going.
imonembad said:
I think your site is awsome. It will get going.
Thank you very much Drew :) I completely appreciate your activity and your input :)
I think it is very important to find out what our members and potential new members want. I'm looking forward to the site growing with everyones input. Please give us yours... ;)

Unlike many other sites, at The Bassholes, we want every member to feel as if they matter and can and do make a difference. Sure I am the admin of the site and have the most control over the shape of the site and it's future, but being as this is a site built by anglers for anglers, I'd like every member to know that they too have control over the shape of the site and it's future. Any suggestions from our members will be taken seriously and considered thoroughly. There are actually sites out there that want to charge its members 20 dollars in order for their suggestions to matter. Not us. Never us. Members will always matter at The Bassholes! :clap:
The bassmasters site has a lot more people participating on it but it is a dog eat dog site and it is not very fishing related. I understand wanting to grow but I think that we should be careful in the direction and what we will do to make it grow. Just my $.02 Drew
I agree with you Drew. I definitely dont want this board getting all political and what not like Bassmaster is quite often. I also dont want it to get cliquey. Both are two sure fire ways to limit a boards potential so I will always do whatever it takes to keep it from happening.
And while we do have an area for discussing whatever ya want, 99.99% of this site will always be fishing related after all that is its sole purpose! :)

Thank you for the input Drew. If you have anymore input dont ever be shy about sharing it :)
I cant make The Bassholes the best all my by myself thats for sure ;)
The one thing that would make this wabsite grow real fast is if KVD or somebody close to his stature promoted it. ;D Other than that, just keepin' it all about the fish is where it's at.
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