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Are you loyal to a brand???

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Are you loyal to a brand?
Do you swear by and type of reel, rod, boat, whatever it might be as long as it has to do with fishing. This excludes lures because there is a post about lures already.
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Right now, I am up in the air about rods and reels. With the problems that the new Curado has been having, I am not sure that I am willing to spend $200/reel just to have to replace parts, etc. With the rods, I have 4 companies that I am looking at, and debating which way to go.

For the boats, it's Tracker and Skeeter. Yes, I know that's two different manufacturers, but each suit a specific regional area that I fish. The Tracker would be for the smaller bodies of water that I fish, while the Skeeter would be for the larger reserviors and for the BFL tournaments I hope to fish.

In the post about lines, I have my three set lines that I swear by. P-Line - Fluorocarbon, SpiderWire - Braid, and Big Game - Mono.

For hooks, it's Gamakatsu.
I would say the 2 that I am loyal to is Gammy hooks and Shimano baitcasting reels. I have the older curados 100 & 200 .. And this year I got the new citica ( which is an upgraded version of last years curado 200 )
Well bigtex I am very loyal to St. Croix fishing rods. Very good rods, never had a problem, never broke one yet !
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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