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Ardent XS Casting Reel 2007 Review"]
An American-owned company that proudly manufactures its high-quality products Made in the USA."]
Product Specifications
Patented One-Piece Mag Frame
Double Ventilated Spool
6.0:1 Gear Ratio
Double-Cut, Brass Helical Gears
10+1 Stainless Steel ABEC 5 Bearings
New! Quick Release Side Plate
New! Epoxy Coated Finish
3 Year Warranty
120 yds. – 12 lb. test Spool Capacity
Adjustable Centrifugal Brake System
Made in the USA
Product Description
The Ardent XS Casting Reel is precision designed and engineered for maximum angling performance - the result is a backlash-resistant reel that provides outstanding castability. The sleek, 8.7-ounce Ardent XS is loaded with features, ranging from an instant, continuous anti-reverse to a high-speed 6:1 gear ratio, great cranking power, and a spool capacity of 120 yards for 12 lb. test monofilament. The Ardent XS is also backed by a 3-year warranty—the best in the industry. The Ardent XS is uniquely designed to fit easily in the palm of the hand, and the light-weight magnesium frame design contributes to fatigue free fishing. This high-performance baitcasting reel is a genuine value in its class—the only reel that provides all of the features American anglers want: high-performance, durability, backlash-resistance and Made in the U.S.A. quality.
Product FAQ'S off their site
Is the Ardent XS the best baitcasting reel that I can buy?
Yes, the Ardent XS is a high performance and durable bait casting reel. The unique Race Reel Technology produces a reel with unmatched casting performance. Both casting distance and backlash control are exceptional. The Ardent XS has an ergonomic palming shape that is designed for comfort and all day fishing. The XS was developed to deliver exceptional on the water performance. The Ardent XS is backed by the industry best 3 year warranty.
Are Ardent Reels really Made in the USA?
Yes, Ardent reels are manufactured in our plant in Macon, Missouri USA. In order to produce high-quality reels that last, Ardent knows the U.S.A. is the best place to manufacture them. Every component of the reels are precision manufactured and performance tested. All Ardent products, including our clothing, and new high tech Reel Butter®, reel oil and reel grease, are made in the USA.
Where can I purchase Ardent reels and products?
Ardent reels and accessories are available through our growing network of authorized dealers listed on our website. Please click on the Dealers tab to locate one close to you. You can also purchase products directly from Ardent through our website by clicking the Products tab, and then selecting the products for purchase through our secure on line store.
Is the warranty really 3 years, and what does it cover?
Yes. All Ardent reels come with a three year factory warranty. The industry best 3 year warranty ensures your Ardent reel will be free from manufacturing and material defects for three years. Only Ardent provides a three year warranty and it is a testament to the performance and durability of Ardent reels.
How long has Ardent been manufacturing the XS and are other reels available?
Engineering design and development for the Ardent XS began in 2001 and the first production models began performance testing in 2004. A limited introduction began in January of 2005 with national introduction in December of 2005. Ardent has unveiled its first spinning reel model the S-400M. It is a mid size spinning reel with outstanding fishing performance. All Ardent reels will be Made in the USA. All Ardent reels are precision manufactured and performance tested in our state-of-the- art Macon, Missouri facility. Ardent will not wavier from our mission to build high performance reels that last.

The Ardent XS Casting Reel 2007 arrived via ups.
In the box was a nice Reel bag, an Allen wrench, warranty card, and manual.
I removed the reel and was thrilled at how light it was, 8.7 ounces wow.
I took a quick read through the manual and quickly opened up the side plate to see what was inside."]
Pushing the lever back then pulling the side plate outward you can open up the side in less then 3 seconds."]
The reel came with 2 brakes set to on by default, I quickly took them off. (If you are new to baitcasters you may wish to leave these on)"]
I mounted the reel on one of my 7' rods and spooled up some 10# Sufix Elite line, The reel felt great in my hand and it was smooth as glass, it was then time to head out onto the water and see how it would preform."]
The Ardent XS Casting Reel 2007 feels great in your hands"]
Even the handles have bearings in them and they spin freely as well.
I first tied on a Fat Ika on a 5/0 hookerz Tackle Sickle hook, set the free spool adjustment and let it fly.
The Ardent XS Casting Reel impressed me with the distance and lack of backlash right off the bat, this is due to their Race Reel Technology.
After about 40 casts it was time to switch to something a little lighter so I went and hooked up my magic jig 1/4 ounce."]
A quick adjustment with the free spool knob to get the reel dialed in to the new weight was simple and only took a few seconds.
(for those new to baitcasters when you switch to different weight lures back off on this adjustment, hold the rod straight out from your waist, push the thumbar down and watch as the lure hits the water. You want the spool to stop just as the lure hits the water you adjust this free spool knob in or out to make that happen)
I had 0 issues with the light 1/4 ounce jig at all.
I then adjusted the free spool lighter to pitch a few times into some small pockets without issues.

To sum it up
This reel is smooth, ***y smooth to say the least, even the handles have ball bearings in them, it is shipped well lubed, it is quality made, and made in the USA (which is a rarity these days) The drag works well, the reel cast a good distance, backlash was almost a non issue once you set the free spool properly, the reel feels right in your hands, it is backed by an unheard of 3 year warranty, the epoxy coating is nice and smooth and thick and should last a good long time, and it does cast very very well..
We will continue to use this reel all season and next and report back from time to time on how it is holding up but today on the water with it I was really impressed with its performance and the stated claims that Ardent makes so far have been true...
Rating Thumbs Up

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