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I'm fishing the Russ Barringer 4th annual tournament here on lake Okeechobee April 1st, the only problem is the water is really low and if the wind isn't right theres gonna be 100 boats confined to the Kissimmee river. If the wind is coming from the south access to the lake will be easy from this end due to the fact that the water will fluctuate 1-2 feet in whatever direction the wind is blowing.Unless theres no wind in which it can go either way, which i don't think will happen because we haven't had very many non windy days. Either way I'll post the pics Monday. It will be a good time and its for a good cause, Russ died of pancreas cancer so the procedes go to cancer awareness. My game plan is pretty solid as of right now, but things can change. The fish in the lake have started spawning but there are waves that still haven't spawn. I'm gonna pre-fish Monday and hopefully 1 more day if the weather holds up. Dave
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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