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Bass are biting lake wide and any small crank bait or a trick worm on the banks will work. Try the rat L Trap and the jerk bait on the long rocky points around the mouth of Little River area. Pick the smaller rocks as the shad are using these rocks to spawn. On the main lake use small shad crank baits on light line. Shad and blue colors are best on points and stay close to the current. The river fish are still more active. On the river ledges close to the current, use a jig and plastic or pork trailer in black and blue. Watch for any activity on the shallow grass lines and cast to them quickly. It’s hard to beat a Zoom Super Fluke in pearl on a 3/0 Mustad offset worm hook and simply cast to the banks and let it sink 1 to 4 feet deep and twitch the rod. Use a watermelon seed worm is fair on a Texas rig around the deeper wood and bank cover. Down lake the bass are on the main lake and secondary creek points. Shad Raps in the shad black back on points all day can be productive, just move a lot.
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