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Bass fishing is good. In the creeks, lipless cranks in red crawfish are catching largemouth as well as other species of fish. Work any bank or point and island that are holding rock. The secret here is find the smaller rock and you will find the bigger fish. Crank slow and keep your rod tip high. The smaller ¼ ounce baits seem to be working the best. Down the lake, the bass are relating to a different pattern and baits. Once again the Husky jerks seem to be the angler’s choice this week for the bigger bass. Working these jerk baits along the rip rap and long run out points is what most tournament fishermen seem to be doing. Mix it up with and occasional spinnerbait in a double willow leaf blade in either all white, all chartreuse or a combination of both. Start off with the spinnerbait and work an area then work the same area with a husky jerk. Take a variety of colors and use the darker colors if the water is heavily stained and the lighter colors if clearer water prevails. If worming is your specialty, work any form of wood on a Texas rig and use no more than a ¼ ounce weight. The bass will hit on the larger weights, but the bigger weights for some reason tend to spook some bass this time of year. Smaller wood will produce a more aggressive bite but the downfall will be only one bass per piece of structure.
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