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April 15th

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Our club held its April tournament on the Clermont Chain of Lakes April 15th.
I drew out with Scott as my boater for the 3rd time. ( 2nd time in a row )

Scott had won a money tournament the week prior on the Clermont Chain , so we was excited for this tournament.

Well, with a weeks worth of wind hammering his spots on Lake Mineola, we bombed out. Scott was able to land 1 bass a little over 1 lbs. That would be the only bite either of us would have all day. :(

The ones that did any good had left Lake Mineola for one of the other lakes.

I got to give it up to our new Club President ( Dennis G ) and his non boater ( Bo ) They kicked some serious butt. I think Dennis had over 17 pounds ( plus Big Bass ), and Bo had over 10 pounds.

As soon as the write-up is done and pictures submitted to me I will post it here in the appropriate forum.
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Sorry to hear how rough it was for you Rodney. We all have had those type of days. Wouldnt it be nice if we could always have days like Bo and Dennis had though?! What was the big fish Dennis caught? Cant wait to see the pictures.
I want to say around the 7 pound mark. He told me he got all his fish in the morning off of a DevilsHorse.( Of course I had tried that too, but cant catch no fish if there not in the area lol )

About the only thing I didnt try was a Carolina Rig. Thinking back on it, wished I would of tried it.

They are normaly late getting the pictures and report out. Most of the time it takes a couple of weeks. But soon as I get them I will post them.

Our next 2 tournaments ( May & June ) will be off of Toho ( East Lake & West Lake )
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