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April 06, Clermont Chain

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The South Lake Bass Anglers Fishing Club held its first club tournament of the 2006-2007 season on the Clermont Chain of Lakes. The launch site was at the Clermont City Ramp. First Place went to DENNIS GALASSI of Groveland with a five fish limit weighting 17.72 lbs. Dennis also took Big Bass honors with a 6.99 lb. bass. Second Place went to BO FAIRFIELD of South Clermont, Bo was the non-boater with Dennis and weighted in 4 fish at 10.81 lbs. Third Place was PAUL McDONALD of Clermont with 5 fish weighting 10.42 lbs. Fourth Place went to BRIAN OLSON of Clermont with 4 fish weighting 7.42 lbs. And Fifth Place goes to KENNY REVEL of Clermont with 1 fish weighting 5.75 lbs. The club had 30 members that fished this event with 17 of them weighting in fish. 45 bass were caught and the total weight was 88.79 lbs. All but three bass were released back into the lake to be caught again.

Dennis with Big Bass

Top 5 ( L-R ) Dennis, Bo, Paul , Brian , Kenny

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Man, that dude from ZZ Top seems to always be in the Top 5. Who knew that the guys from ZZ Top could bass fish? ;D :p
Bo ( ZZ Top ) has been on fire lately as a non boater. BUT you got to draw a boater that can get ya on fish first. ( Dennis was his boater and won it )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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