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Ansin Garcia tournament Sunday 1-28-07

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I decided to enter the weekly Sunday tournament for the first time at Garcia. Felt pretty good about what I was doing lately so I wanted to see just how well. ;D

First off the wind was off the hook rediculous today. I like wind out there but this was a little too much :) anyway, I did OK actually caught quite a few fish today 16 bass in the boat by 12:30pm along with 4 Pickerals, 3 of which where huge. However, the size of the Bass I caught today where lessor then what I have been catching out there. Oh well, I was pleased as I thought I had the right presentation and the right lure selection but maybe not the right location???

I weighed in 10.8lbs and the winning weight was 13.8lbs. His presentation was the same as mine just different location. Big fish of the day was caught by a friend of mine at 6.2lbs.
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Good job Bro, I always say a lake fishes different on sundays! Great job on the limit your on them just needed a few better bites. The high here today 16 with a 15 mile-n-hour north wind. My brother-in-law asked me to fish a tourney with him today I had to decline. Talk about chilly!
It was real windy here yesterday and I sure hate fishing in the wind. I haven't been in so long I would have went though if offered the chance.
Sounds like you had a great day. Did you get in on the money?
Good job Keith! It definitely howled all day and wasn't all that warm either. What did you get them on?
I caught my fish on Gold and Chrome colored rattle traps and 2 on my homemade bait. :) The fish where real active and with the wind using a fast presentation was about the only thing that could have been done. The wind was 20-30mph Sunday. The temp was only in the mid to upper 60's.

Some people still tried using Senko's and worm fishing??? This lake gets real active in wind but normally we get 10-15mph wind which is fine. 20-30+ like Sunday is not great. But this lake handles wind better then any lake I have ever seen. It is so shallow and so weedy that the lake never gets big waves. There are levees that divide this lake up all over the place so it helps keep the waves down. I guess this is the main reason why I have been fishing this lake so much. I would like to fish the Stick Marsh more but the wind there turns that lake into an ocean.

This is a small tournament that locals fish every Sunday. They only pay 1 spot and big fish. I may try again this Sunday. A friend of mine may come down from Jacksonville to fish it with me.

Thanks for the encouragement.
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Good going Keith. :) Now if you'd rap your rat l traps in that dove bar you would of won :goldcup: ( j / k with ya )

and yup, the wind was blowing like heck around here as well yesterday.
Congrats and better luck next weekend, Keithscatch. :goldcup:
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