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Ansin Garcia report

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I am new to this board and was invited by Bobby aka Texas Bass Pro. I used to be a member of Bass but they apparently did not want me there ::) Well, it is there loss not mine lol. (humor) So hopfully I will fit in here.

I went fishing on Garcia Monday January 1st and got a late start. I arrived after 12:30pm and made my first cast around 1pm. I fished the NW section of the flats. It was windy enough to get a good drift going so I allowed the wind to push me north as the wind was out of the SE. I tied on a lipless crankbait and on my first cast I had a nice bass. So nice in fact that my drag was not set for such a big fish. I was unable to move the spool. Anyway, she was able to dispose of my trap underwater and I never saw her. Bummer :-\ Next cast I hooked up with a nice 4.2lber though. Unfortunetly she inhaled the trap and hooked herself in the gills. She was a bleeder and I let her go quickly hoping she would recover. The picture below shows some blood.

I only fished till 4pm so basically I had 3 hours and some change and hooked 18 bass with 14 of them coming into the boat. Most where in the 2lb range with several in the 2.5lb range. Only a couple dinks.

I love this lake and I always catch fish here.
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Great report. Sounds like you didn't do to bad out on the water. It has been a while sence I've been but hopefully I will be able to go this weekend.
Welcome to the bassholes! Looks like a great trip for the way that wind was blowin.
Welcome aboard and nice fish, Keith.
Thank you Bobby, Shannon and fish4funinfl.

The wind actually helps the bite on this lake. Normally I hate it but on this lake since it has so much aquatic grass no matter how hard the wind blows it doesn't get big waves. Unlike the Stick Marsh where 15 mph winds render the lake almost unfishable this lake excells in 15mph winds. If you guys in Florida have never tried it you ought to come out and fish it. I would be happy to show you around sometime.
Sounds like we might have enough people for a get together there for a fun challenge!
I will be there Saturday. Let me know if you or anyone else wants to meet up there.
Maybe some other time Keith, I have two funerals Saturday and I'm going to Toho Sunday.
Great day! Good report.

You'll find Jared and the rest of us not so touchy as Glenn and friends. We can make disagreement fun :D I was Ouachitabassangler there. Glad to see you come over.

Ok Shannon, no prob. Sorry about the funerals 2 on Saturday wow. That has to be tough.

Jim, good to see you again. Yep they banned me from their site because I had the gumption to call liying lying even when the guy doing the lying was none other then Doug Hannon. Oh well, I guess the almighty buck is more important then integrity these days.

You remember Lane from the site? Well she is friends with Doug and said that Doug counts all of the 10lbers he has caught and all of the 10lbers his clients caught, in his rediculous total of over 800 10lb+ bass HE HAS SUPPOSELY CAUGHT in his life. So I challenged that notion to count what other people catch from your boat as bass you have personally caught and even posted a poll asking what other people felt about this not mentioning names of course. Everyone said they thought that was bad and underhanded and lying. For that Glenn banned me.

I guess celebrities overthere get special treatment!!!
I just might have to make a trip up there never got the chance to fish it. I live in Okeechobee maybe we'll get together sometime maybe hit the Stick Marsh. Dave
Dave, just let me know when you can make it and I will try to meet with you. I am not an expert on either of those lakes. I moved here in September so I have fished both lakes maybe a dozen times so far? Out of the two, I like Garcia better for action. I have caught better fish in the Stick Marsh but much less fish. I have even been skunked at the Stick Marsh. I have not been skunked at Garcia yet.

I see a Skeeter boat in the background of your avatar. Is that yours? I am a proud Skeeter owner myself.

God bless.
Yup thats my Skeeter if you ever want to make a trip to Okeechobee, I can show you the hot spots, theres a few good lakes around here so just shoot me an email. Dave
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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