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Ansin Garcia report 1/13/07

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Went to Garcia with a lady friend and we started at 8am. I chose the NW flats section of the lake as I have been catching allot of fish there lately. Weather was calm and cloudy to start with. It was overcast and sprinkled intermittenly. Water temp had dropped considerably since the previous weekends high of 75. It read 67 to start this morning.

Started right away with a couple nice chunks on a Cotton Cordell Super spot in Gold shad color. I tried to help Christine catch some fish by giving her a spinnerbait. Since it is a grassy area I wanted her to be able toretrieve a lure and not have to remove grass all day long. Well she wasn't getting anywhere so I thought I will give her a top water lure so I tied on a Bagley Bang O lure and made one cast to demonstrate how to work the lure and caught this nice chunky bass:

So I gave her the rod and she tried and tried and never caught anything on it. I went back to the Gold spot and caught this nice 4+lber on it:

This fish was full and I assumed full of eggs. Here is a belly shot of her:

I thought I would make a cast using the spinning rod she was using to see if the Bang O Lure was still working and on my first cast with it I hooked a nice chunky bass which I handed her the rod so she could reel the fish in. She laughed as she struggled to reel the fish in. After a few more fish being caught in the flats I took her to the Zig Zag canal and at the first spot I stopped I had the largest bass I have seen on my line here in Florida so far. I first saw her make a huge swirl on the surface. Something I would have guessed an Alligator would have made had I not saw her do it. I cast my red Rapala 1/2 ounce lipless crank at it. (I tied it on to see if this bait would catch fish. I already know the gold one does) anyway, this huge bass barely nips my bait but enough to bend one of the back treble hooks out quit a bit. So I missed the fish of my dreams. I guessed it to be around her bed which there are beds every few feet in this area. However, I never saw a single bass locked on a bed. Too bad I am not fishing again Monday or I would go right back to that area. ;D

Anyway, I tied on a favorite lure of mine for Christine a $2 lure called a Water Snake. Yes I said $2. It is made by they are made in China but that bait flat out slays fish. It is a jointed Rapala type jerkbait. Anyway, she boated 2 decent 1.5lb bass on it. She had a great time and We ended up the day with about 15 bass or so. I kinda lost count actually haha. >:D
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Why are my pictures not showing up? |!!| |!!| |!!|
I was able to get your photobucket image to show up but not your image shack ones.

The problem was that you were copying the address out of your address bar and not copying the code beneath the picture. I am not familiar with imageshack so I am not able to figure out the proper code for it. MOre than likely its similiar to Photobucket and if you look at the pictures in your album/gallery you will see codes beneath each image for linking to it. Those are the codes that must be used with those services.

Hope this helps. If I can be of any further assistance, just let me know. :)


Thanks for the quick reply. You are correct, that was what I was doing haha. I have posted Lord knows how many pictures on various website forums and I am not sure how I made that mistake? haha.

Thanks for the help.
We're only human. :)

Glad I could help. :)
Nice fish Keith, I am sitting here under a big azz ice storm wondering when i'm ever gonna get to get out. I envy you FLA. Boys! Fish on the beds give me a break. I'm freezing -3 wind chill. >:D
Sorry man. But you gotta love being able to go fishing in high 70 degree mid January weather.
While I have 60 - 70 degree weather here in SC, my waters are still in the high 40's so I must admit, I am also envious of you Keith! lol

Beautiful fish! :clap:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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