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Ansin Garcia 1-20-1/21 What a weekend.

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A good friend of mine came down to fish with me from Jacksonville so I took him to Garcia. We arrived at 7am and fished till about 2pm. We caught 17 bass. I caught 9 and he caught 8. I just couldn't let him beat me ;D

The coolest thing about this day was the fact that I caught my first bass EVER on a handmade wood lure I crafted. That was AWESOME!!! If you have never done this believe me it is a high that I have never felt before. It is so cool to fool a fish on a piece of wood that you carved into a fish shape and painted or in my case foiled the lure. Being the creative individual I am I was looking for a gold color foil to wrap my wooden plug with. I found the perfect solution in the form of a 4.5 ounce Dove chocolate candy bar. Believe it or not it is the perfect gold color I like. So I cut out the sides and glued it to the bait. Spray painted the top black and made eyes and epoxied the whole bait to seal it in. Looks good and this bait swims perfect. It is a big bait 5.5" long and thick. It looks like a Mullet and would be a deadly inshore lure. Here is the first fish I caught on this lure:

You can see how fat or wide my lure is. I was surprised at how small this fish was that hit this lure. I caught another one this size on my bait. I was so pumped. I also re colored a rattle trap lure with a bright shiny pearl colored gift paper that caught me 2 fish also. I love creating lures and repainting them.

Anyway, I went back Sunday by myself but didn't arrive till around 11:30-12 noon? The local tournament was going on that day. The weather was sunny with sparse clouds and windy. I fished a jig and a senko around the canals next to reeds looking for some bedding fish. Caught a super dink that I rocketed completely out of the water over my head and to the other side of my boat. It was kinda funny actually. I had my super handmade Dove Gold lure on so I was throwing that and I Will be darned but I caught 2 more fish on it in that canal. What a blast catching fish on my lure. I went to the flats and tied on the ole battled badly Cotton Cordell Super spot in Gold and quickly caught 2 more fish. Went to a different flat adjacent and caught 4 more. Put my handmade lure back on and caught my biggest fish in Garcia yet. A fat and I mean ready to bust super pig that weighed 6.2lbs. I think my scale is off ;D ;D Here she is:

Another shot of her:

Of course I released her back into the water as quickly as I could. She just looked so much bigger to me then she weighed. Her belly was ready to explode. Her tail was tore up but in the top section. Not sure what happened to her. I caught another fish on my Dove gold lure making it 6 total as I caught 4 on my winner lure. I love this thing haha. Caught 1 more on the Cotton Cordell making my total today of 12 fish.

Here is a monster Pickerel I caught Saturday. This thing was huge. I wish I had weighed it. It is easily 4lbs if not 5. Looks like a Pike.

I had a blast this weekend and really enjoyed catching fish especially the big girl on my hand made wooden lure. It doesn't get any better then that.
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Beautiful fish Keith and an excellent report! :cheers:

Thank you for sharing them with us :)
Great job Keith!!! Those are some nice pictures.
Nice pig Keith, good job on your lure too!
Very nice indeed..

Maybe you came up with a new scent ( chocolate.. from the dove bar ) lol
Thanks guys. Yeah I thought about that F4F. That would be a cool sponsor huh? :D Eat the chocolate and then wrap your lures in the foil wrapper haha. I will take a picture of it today and post it here for you guys. I am proud of my lure and it's catching ability.
Congrats on catching them on your own lure. That is supercool. :D And a fat 6-lber! One of these days I am going to start trying to make my own lures. :blahblah:
Here is a picture of my lure. Granted I am not a pro lure maker so the foil is not perfect and is wrinkly in the belly section. The belly is like tinsel pearl color.

But after 6 fish on it. The finish is still as flashy and shiny as before. No scratches on it. That 2 ton epoxy sure is a good sealer.
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Nice looking lure, Keith.
PERHAPS the wrinkles in it is giving off a different flash that is appealling to the fish. ( plus the chocolate scent, cant go wrong hehe )
It looks so good, I might eat it myself!! LOL :p
Awesome post Keith, You should have weighed that fish on Roland Martins scales it would have been at least a 12 pounder. Nice lure, Balsa? Topwater or suspending?
Thanks again. Lure is a balsa so it is a diving lure that can also be used as a topwater lure. When reeled in slow it makes a nice wake as the bait comes in with that nice jerkbait wobble that we are all familiar with.
Your lure looks great, the wrinkles should definitely help give it different flash reflections.
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