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another tube trick

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was reading tube tricks from other day and thought y'all mite like this one.
on a tube punch 4 or 5 pin holes in top and break up a alkerselser and
put it inside the tube.and soak a cottonball with fav.scent.scent last for
a good while and alkerseler bubbles and fizzes. i use this set up on lake
fork and it works great.o and for y'all that sight fish (a.k.a bedfish).all i
can say is BAM. anyway good luck on next trip out on the water.

p.s if you fish tery,s on lake fork forget i wrote this. ;)
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well ::) now i want to go fishing so i can try this :D :D 8)
You can jam a finesse worm down in the tube or any end of a worm to give it a little flash and a different look, all kinds of stuff will fit in there.
I have used the worms in them before works well
I lkie to use the internal weights in them around docks, they seem to skip much better. I've noticed that with the internal weights I get a more pronounced spiraling action as they fall, & they seem to fall a bit slower.
Excellent idea, I am sure it would work!

I am thinking it would be a good Idea for me to use that when fishing rockpiles on lake erie ;)
My favorite tube trick is to put styrofoam in them and put them on a c-rig. Expiriment with this, because the amount of styrofoam and the leader length affect the action.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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