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Another new guy

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Hello everyone,

Mary Dean made me sign up here. Said she was gonna kick my butt from the back of the boat if I didn't. ;)
My name is Randy, and I'm from the Lake Havasu, AZ area. Actually in SoCal, but close enough to AZ it doesn't matter. I'm a heavy equipment operator for a large utility company, and I only fish on days that end in Y.

I recognize a few names on here already. Good to see you all here.

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Welcome to The Bassholes, Randy. Glad to have ya here :) I hope Mary wasn't too rough on ya lol :D

Make yourself at home and enjoy your stay :D
Welcome to The Bassholes! No telling our secrets!!! :fight01:
Can't wait till we go :fishing02: !!!
mary dean said:
No telling our secrets!!! :fight01:
ohhhh no no noooo. we wanna hear ALL the secrets! lol
Welcome aboard
Glad ya made it here!


:) 8) ^-^ ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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