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Another new Arkie

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Caught info about this board on another site. I live in Russellville and fish Dardanelle and Atkins most of the time. I once dreamed of becomming a pro but that was 35 yrs ago and my goal now is to become a good bass fisherman who remembers that the reward is spending time on the lake with good friends and time on the boards with others who want to share info. Glad to have found this site.

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Welcome Otter! Glad you decided to join us. Be looking forward to reading your reports. Thanks for joining the fun!
Welcome aboard
Welcome aboard Otter! Glad to have you at The Bassholes! :clap:
whats up man???? welcome :cheers:
Dardanelle! I miss fishing there and the river in general.

Welcome aboard.

Welcome to the Bassholes! I live close by. Maybe we can go fishing sometime! ;D
Thanks all.  I'm glad to be aboard.  I am really striving to be a better fisherman so I invite any of you who are close or not to drop me a line and we will hit Dardanelle.  I know I could learn a lot from any and all of you.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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