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An Idea!

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Well, here I am at work, fishing on my mind, as usual.
With the upcoming cold weather I cant help but think about super fluke fishing on my local lake (nuclear heated lake - 70 - 75 degree water in winter) When the rest of the lakes waters sit in the 40s I like to go to this lake and fish flukes over the deeper grass beds in the warmer waters.
I started thinking about that then got an idea.

Ok Im sure everyone has seen the 2 fluke rig. What about a 3 fluke rig? Have ya seen one of them? A 3 way swivel and  you can easily make a 3 fluke rig. Now... whats so special about a 3 fluke rig. Nothing really Id think... BUT.. what if you took  the middle of the two flukes and weighted it with a toothpick weight so it is still center balanced and still falls on a nice and horizonal plane. Perhaps even put it on a leader a few inches longer than the rest. So, now maybe some of you are wondering why weight just that one bait.

Ok... Well...  now ya cast this bad boy out and work it as usual. Twitching and dancing it below the surface. If all is working right you will have 3 flukes (a small school of bait fish) dancing and darting below the surface. Then ya kill em off for a few seconds. Now is when the weighted third fluke is understood. The normal 2 start to settle at a slow sauntering pace. The weighted one tho, sinks a good bit faster, giving the impression that it is an injured bait fish from the school that is dieing and falling away from the school.

How many of you  have heard about large bass targeting baitfish that are injured and fall below  the school?? Im sure you all have. Perhaps this idea of mine can recreate the situation.

Looks like I know what I will be testing out when I go fishing this weekend! :)

Opinions? Thoughts? Input? Suggestions? Lets hear em all please :)

Tattered Thumbs n Bigguns, Jared
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I think you better have some good line IF 3 ' hungry bass ' deside they want to snack at the same time !

I dont see why it wouldnt work Jared. I just think youd have to use a heavy rod with some GOOD line. ( just in case you get the hat trick !)

How far do ya reckon the middle fluke would need to be back ? 1 foot ?
Im thinking that maybe a smaller bait like a Fin-S Fish or a baby fluke may be better since there will be 3 baits and there should be plenty of weight for good casts.

As far as length of leader... Im thinking 2 at 12" and the 3rd (middle weight fluke) at about 18 - 24" long. For a couple reasons I think. With the extra weight its probably gonna need more "swing" and 2. with the extra weight the extra length of line will give it time to sink independantly before affecting the other two weightless baits.

Of course this is all theory and Ive never tried it but in my head it makes sense and I can see how it may work.

Who knows tho lol

Yeah line... thats true... if you get the triple... what the heck do ya do? lol It cant be too heavy tho because it will screw up the action of the baits.
I think it would be a heck of a problem to figure out. One of those cross that bridge when I get there type deals.
Good grief! I just spent 30 minutes drawing directly in the post using dots, Os, vertical lines showing how I rig that mostly for stripers using 6" live shad. Went in to Preview, it was skewed, went back to the post, vanished. I'll do some drawing, scan it, and try to post that. All you need is a sinker, leader line, loop knots, and if using a twisting lure, swivels.

If that fluke rig didnt go so well, how about weighting it in the rear? I have seen some times a fluke[or senko] will fall backwards, and I think this triggers reaction bites from following fish. It's just a guess...
Our leader in action.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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