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An Apology, and a Goodbye

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I'm sorry bass. It's been months since I fished for you, and today the season closes. I tried this morning, I really did. You were nowhere to be found. Are you mad at me for leaving you for so long?

I confess. I've found someone else. She's bigger, stronger and meaner than you. Her season closed 15 days earlier however, and I moved on to yet another. She's very pretty, strong and extremely intelligent. She's only around in the fall/winter/spring though, then she's gone out to where I cant find her anymore.

That's when I come back to you bass. Please take me back. I'll come by your place again tonight around 4pm.. but if you're not around again, I'll be brutally honest. I'm going to see if that pretty, strong and intelligent girl, trout wants to mess around.

Goodbye bass. I love you.
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i might have to brave the freezing temps to try to get some more bluegill or yellow perch for the freezeronly 4 bags left.
such tasty critters
later all
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