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Alton Brown's Website.

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The funny and knowledgable host of "Good Eats", the comical host of "Iron Chef America" and the host of the new show about to air on Food Network, "Feasting on Asphalt", Alton Brown is a great guy who makes learning about cooking and the history thereof, fun and entertaining.

Oh yea, he's from Alpharetta, Georgia.............where I used to live when I was in college.

It's cool to think that I could have walked right by him at sometime, and would have never known who he was. It gives me goosebumps when he goes into a place where I have been, shopping.

And if you do watch Good Eats, the "tool informant", "W", is a real lady that does work at the Bed, Bath, and Beyond. :) And no, she's not a giant prude as she seems on the show. She's quite helpful and very funny, just like AB.
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