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Almost a Sharelunker

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Found out this weekend that any county or state waters qualify for the sharelunker. The spawn has definitely started here just west of Houston. Went fishing Saturday and caught three fish. First was 2 lbs, the second was about 4 1/2, and the third was 12-10. This is the second biggest bass I have ever landed. I caught it on a black with red Senko wacky style. I was using 14 lb Vanish, All-star rod, and Curado reel. I was fishing out of my pond prowler at my private honey hole. This big girl was just full of eggs. Her belly sac looked deformed she was so full. It was unbelievable. The only bad thing was it was just me and me and my fish. After I caught it, I kept her out of the water for about 1 minute and then released the ole girl so she could finish her business. There is a 70% chance of thunderstorms today and I am feeling a bit sick. Cough, cough. LOL!!! I might be on my way back out there with in the next couple of hours. I wanted to dedicate this big catch to the Basshole web site and all the members who I feel are partly responsible for this fish. Without the info shared, I wouldn't have known what was going on up under me. Thanks guys and gals!!!!!! :)
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Joe thats awesome! Wow what a hawg!!

yep, i heard that cough, I think you should call in sick today. You dont want to be spreading that cough to your co-workers LOL

I cant tell you how happy I am to hear that you feel The Bassholes helped you catch that beautiful fish! :clap:

Here's to hoping The Bassholes can help you catch many many more beaufiful bass. :cheers:
WTG :bowdown:
Truly awesome man. Here is some learned advise. :eek:ld: I never fish without a camera as one never knows when grandmama will join in on the fun. ;) Even disposeables will work and can be left in a tackle box.

Good job on the fish though.
Great job!!! :goldcup: :bowdown: :fishing01:
I may have jumped the gun on the spawn deal but they are definitely eating in preparation. I just wanted to say that the info on the seasonal patterns helped alot. I haven't been able to get out of work yet but I will!!!!!!!! We have a low pressure system moving in right now. Slight drizzle.
Wow! Congrats!
Nice fish, Joe. I wish the fish were about to spawn here. The water is in the low 50's and stained to muddy everywhere I go right now. |!!| Wintertime sux!
We are suppose to get some snow and sleet Wednesday and Thursday. That should hold of on our early spawner's.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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