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Well, i'm temporarily back for a lil' bit and have some pretty cool stuff to share with ya'll.
First, here are a few pics of the first time we got out this season. Great day for sure and fun. First fish is a little 2 pound largemouth, second one was a just legal smalllie bryan caught, and the last is that smallie i was telling ya i'd post. About 5 pounds and super fat.

Then, as you might remember i had that musky tourney on saturday, and did surprisingly well. Two fish would have won the whole tourney, as no one caught two. I nailed one at 8:30 in the morning on a BERGYTAIL!!! lol. I'm tellin ya, them thangs work. So that kept me going the rest of the day but didn't end up gettin' another. Of the 120 guys in the Musky Classic, i took 7th place, which i thought was awesome to actually catch a fish when well over 100 people blanked. Anyways, here's a pic of the fish, a nice thick 34 incher
Got him on an orange blade/black/orange body bucktail i made the night before just for the tourney. Tough tourney and crazy tough conditions, but managed to get a good one!

Then just last night, Bryan and i did that tournament where they disqualified us that one time so we could get some revenge, and sure enough.........first place!! We beat all the dudes that weren't respecting us before and caught the tournament clinching fish 15 minutes before weigh in, and beat the second place guy by over 2 pounds which is just a massacre in that tourney. It was a hard night and the fish were in weird patterns, but we came away with the win and it was awesome to beat all those guys and a few guides and a "semi- pro" lol. But yea, i'm having a fun year so far, be ready for more big ones!  8)
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Bergy, you certainly are raking up the competition, aren't ya? Glad to see that you are doing so well. And congrats on that tourney victory. I remember when you got DQ'ed last time. Great to see that you got your revenge.

What did the guys that were dissing you have to say about it? LOL

Keep up the great work!
WTG Adam !!! Congrats to yall
You got to come up here to northen wis. We will get some big smallies up here. the best was a 5 pounder. I averge 3 pounds. The bucket mouths averge about 2lbs.
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