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Alaska Treat

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My sister and brother n law are down from Alaska and they didnt come empty handed. ( got in lastnight )
They brought a pile of salmon, halibut and crab-legs.!!

We are having a seafood fest tonight, BUT I will be having leftovers , as I will be at BPS and meeting Shannon there.

Also I know they wont or cant cook it all tonight, so I will be enjoying these treats another day or two.
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Would you at least email me some pictures. :rofl1:
pictures heck send me a addy im on my way!!!!
Tex, I wouldnt be that crool to you lol

ho shi, Go about 30 miles west of Orlando,Fl. then roll down window and smell for the fish and crab legs cooking. Im sure that you wont have any problem finding the place lol
ahhh shucks figured you closer to me then that
You bringing any extra with ya tonight??
You already know the answer to that one Shannon lol ( but I did pig out once I got home ... mmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmm )

Again it was nice meeting you tonight and your son is so adorable ! Maria even said so when she seen him at the check-out line.

Check your PM
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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