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Our bass club started up a Monofilament Recycle Bin project at 18 of the local landing in our area last year, here is a picture of the line we have collected so far. This will be sent to pure fishing, a division of Berkley, where it will be chopped up and made into may usefull items, like tackle boxes and new line spools. We are currently seeking sponsors to expand this project to many neighboring counties this year and we have had 4 new sponsors come onboard so far.

Here is a picture of the line we have collected so far. With some of our club members. From left to right. Travis Hudson (AOY 2011)and his son, Ryan Langley, Harry Parten (Pres.) Mark Sims (Sec.) Ken Clayton (Tres.) Jeff Newton (Tournament Director).

[smg id=4439]

This is a great project if any of your bass clubs want to undertake it.

You can get more information on this project by going to
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