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well i got off of work late friday night and me and a friend decided to go camping out at lahontan reservoir and man oh man did we slaughter the fish there. First thing we got there and it was 3 in the morning so we decided to fish for catfish and we threw out some liver and i caught one after like 5 minutes.
we caught a couple more catfish but didnt take pictures. after the sun started coming up at five we decided to fish for wiper and we caught probally 50 a piece than i decided to try something new and started to flyfish for them with the fly rod joeb gave me here on thebassholes And my first cast out i caught one it was fun.
i probally caught 30 more on the fly rod than we decided to go fish for carp for a little bit and caught a bunch of them but only got pictures of these ones

After that we got tired around 3 pm so we decided to go back to carson and get something to eat and after that we ended up going to the carson river and fishing for smallmouth and we caught these on some tubes
It was a fun day of fishin
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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