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A Tip For Deadsticking Fans.

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When most people think of bass fishing they think of an angler on the front of the boat with the trolling motor wide open, making cast after cast after, chunking and cranking, covering as much water as possible, quickly. For the most part, this image is dead on accurate. However there are times when shutting the trolling motor off and moving at a snails pace can produce the best results. If you're like me, you appreciate these times most of all.

There are many ways to fish a bait once you have slowed down to a snails pace however one of my favorites is to Deadstick. It's definitely one the most relaxing methods, that's for sure. I am guessing most Bassholes know what Deadsticking is. Just in case there is a Basshole out there who doesn't, deadsticking is simply casting your bait to the most bassy looking spot you can see and then letting it sit. Whether you let it sit for 30 seconds or for 5 minutes, this is Deadsticking. It may sound boring but you can really catch some massive fish this way.

When deadsticking, the ability to line watch is paramount! You may never feel the fish pick up your bait, but if you pay carefull attention you will almost always see the fish pick up the bait by watching the line. Of course in most situations your line will sink if you let it sit still long enough, especially a lot of these new super lines.

I learned a very simple trick years ago when I was kid that helps prevent this and allows you to see your line much better.

Next time you are at the store, pick up a jar of petroleum jelly. Grab the rod you will be using for deadsticking and head out to your front yard. Make a cast as far as you can. Before you reel it in, place your index finger and thumb into the petroleum jelly (not the index finger and thumb on your reeling hand, use the opposite hand) As you reel in your line, pinch it between your thumb and index finger so that the line gets a coating of the jelly as you reel it in. Re-dip your finger and thumb as need be, however dont get it caked on. You just want it coated nicely.

For those who may be wondering will the jelly's smell turn the fish off? In the 25+ years I have been using this method I have never noticed any fish being turned off by natural petroleum jelly. If you are concerned though, when applying the jelly to the line, stop running the line through your fingers when you get within 5 to 10 feet of the hook.

Now when you cast your line when on the water, you will notice the line will float nice and high in the water and much more of it will stay afloat. This is because the jelly has sealed the line keeping your line from absorbing water and because the petroleum jelly naturally floats on top of water.

Now when a fish hits, you will have 80% of line on the surface to detect hits by rather than just a few feet near the area your line enters the water. Pick ups that you normally may miss will now be easily seen as they are telegraphed through your line on the surface.

If you haven't tried this out, give it a shot and let me know how you do.

Tattered Thumbs n Bigguns, Jared
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I will have to remember that one, Jared.

I was thinking about the ' smell ' of the ' jelly ' ( vasoline huh ? ) If you use a product like mega strike you can put it on your line ( say a few inches or more above the hook )

( I put mega strike on my knots to combat the ' smell ' from my mouth after wetting it )
I love mega-strike.

As I was writing that tip I began to wonder... is megastrike petroleum based? it sure seems it. I know that some scents are.
Good tips. I really ain't into megastrike, Carolina Lunker Sauce gets my vote, but maybe I can use the rest of the tube I have for a line coating.
I use Carolina Lunker Sauce too. I have found they are about equally as good.

but for the tip above.. I use brand name Vaseline
I have used fly line dressing for this purpose as well. Sounds like PJ may work as good and a little cheaper on the wallet
I have some of Jims special homemade shizzle i'm using. It rocks!!
Nice tip Jared. I might give that a shot in he summer time when our winds die down enough to try fishing slow like this.
Some nice info
Great tip I Will have to try Since that technique is what I do the most of.
The amount of knowledge I seem to lack is amazing!!! :wack: :wack:
Everytime I read a new tip I say to myself "Why didn't I know that?" :dunno:
I've been fishing for near 60 years and every day On The Bassholes is a learning experience. :thumbup01:
Ah, The Bassholes wasn't around back then! :D

bigun :twl:


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good one!

one easy way i watch my line is by landing or mawnuevering the line on top of a floating object like a leaf or small stick.... i love ditecting a hit this way, you just see the leaf float free and your line slowly move off the leaf, this is better than a bobber at times too!
Good post Jared.

I've read that "deadsticking" can be a deadly method but I can't see myself leaving a bait sitting for more than 30 seconds (live bait moves while plastic sit there dead} No patience in me I guess.
hey bassbandit, try a suspending lure too(my favorite~ rapala glass minnows) ... i fish them half the time like a regular lure~ cast and reel, but when i know there is a bass in a section and can't seem to get one to bite, i change it up, & throw to the spot and let the suspending lure sit/sink a bit longer... some times 10 seconds is long enough, then one small (i mean tiny) tap to roll the lure or shake it alittle, and out will come this 12" super bass taking on a 6" lure(LOL hope yours is a 12#er)
I use a fly dressing called "Gink". you can find at
Although I use it to keep my dry fly's afloat, the label says it floats tippets and leaders. Sounds like it would work for our mono's too.
I will have to give that a try one day soon.
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