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A tip for Carolina Rigging ( please add more )

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On a ' typical ' Carolina Rig you have 2 sections of line. ( Your main line and your leader attached to a swivel. )

I have been useing a product called ' THE CAROLINA KEEPER ' 
I feel the advantage for this is, it allows you to adjust the ' leader ' size without haveing to cut the ' leader ' and adding a longer or shorter piece. Just use plyers and squeeze the ' keeper ' to slide it up or down the line.

I would think the disadvantage would be if you was to hang it up, you dont have a ' weaker ' line to break off only at the leader.

One other thing I learned about the ' keeper ' it realy depends on the size of your weight you are useing. A heavier weight will need two (2) ' keepers ' or it will slide.
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I bought a bag of those but was having to modify them anyway, replacing sinkers, but liking the slider part. I use tungsten sinkers for their super sensitivity and smaller profile, at $2-$3 apiece for 1.5 oz sinkers. Even at that custom rigs are cheaper. I can tie one up in about a minute. I also like using the Betts C-rig floaters that keep a worm off bottom better so I can get away from having to choose from floating worms for C-rigging over short weeds. Lastly I prefer the best ball bearing swivel available, and have hook & bead preferences, no glass using tungsten, but brass beads are great noise makers.

I have never used those "pre-made" rigs, because I always felt that the rigs I put together myself were better.

For me, I will use worms no smaller than 6" long. And when using lures that are 6-7" long, I have found that all the bass I have caught were 3 lbs. or bigger. Nothing smaller would hit it. So, that's the main reason for not using smaller lures.

One thing that I have found, especially when using "finesse" tactics on C-rigs, is that the smaller weights have the tendency to "slide" up the line when you cast. To remedy that, I simply clip on a small split shot.
One of my favorite baits to carolina rig, other than a 6" lizard, is the 4" centipede/french fry type bait.

I usually rig this on a light wire 1/0 gamakatsu offset work hook.

Ive done especially well with this rig and bait combo in the summer and fall.

I have some Carolina Keepers and have used them but I still prefer the old fashioned way of tieing everything on myself. I have had the Carolina Keepers slide on my line too often and that is aggravating. I like to know that my leader is as long as I want/need it to be at all times.
Here's a cool tip I got from Hank Parker yearssss ago!

Carolina Rig a tube bait.

Save some packing peanuts. Take your tube bait and insert a packing peanut inside of it (may take the whole peanut or just a section of it depending on size of the tube bait) After the peanut is in it rig your hook into it as normal.. usually texas style or texposed. And voila.. you have a very high floating carolina rig that is AWESOME on long leaders for suspended fish or over tall submerged grass.
And don't forget to stuff a piece of Alka Seltzer in there first! Makes it dance.

oh yeah good thinking. fizzzzzzzzzzzz lol
I have used and thrown away the Carolina Keepers,THEY BREAK !! They cost me a good place finish at an everstart at Sam Rayburn a few years ago
Personally, I prefer to take my time and rig up everything myself sinker, I like 2 glass beads, swivel to reduce line twist, leader and bait. I also prefer using braided line for my main line - the zero stretch factor comes into play when setting the hook on long casts and deep water...
I don't c-rig often but I do it all bass ackwards I like the braid on the leader so I can feel the bites better I don't care if I have to re- tie the whole rig I'd rather feel the bite. Drew
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