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A test on different lines

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I believe a guy on BDO ( Bill Dance's forum ) made this test . Its quite surpriseing at the results of LINE STRETCH .
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What he did was ask people to send him a certain amount of line and to let him know what brand and pound it was. So the lines came from all over the U.S. & Canada . ( I believe he is from Canada as well )

But yup it surprised me the most on Floroucarbon lines.
Yea, the stretch on the fluoro lines were a bit of a shock. A lot of anglers go along with the same assumption that I had, which was the stretch was at a minimal amount with fluoro. However, with that little experiment, it makes you wonder a few things.

Rodney, you are great about finding things that make us go, "Hmmmmm." ;D

What is even more strange is the fact that there was stretch found in BRAIDS! I always thought that anglers used braids because there was no stretch. Another thing that makes you go hmmmmmmmm.

I would also like to find out at what # rate the lines snapped at. ???
This is almost 2 years old, but figured I would ' refresh ' it for anyone interested.
I use a lot of trilene xl, never knew it had that much stress...more than any other 10 lb test is not showing but they are all towards the bottom of the list....Guess i might think about switching now
humm interesting.. i tested floro in my on little test and noticed it had some stretch but not that much wow!
That is interesting. Flouro was very suprising. been a fireline fan since it appeared. you have to rethink the rod selection. i have migrated slower and longer. my pond is dry so ive been fishing for reds and specks with a 12'6" slow steelhead rod. you have the same amount of give(from the rod) no matter how much fireline is out. i realize this is too long for competetive bass but i like it for fun. of course it wasnt appropriate for all styles, but i advocate a balanced system of rod reel line and lure
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